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During the summer of 2017, the college secured investment to develop the fifth floor at Station Plaza and an Engineering Wing at Ore Valley to create a dedicated space for the University Centre in Hastings.

Station Plaza Campus
Our Station Plaza campus is situated in the heat of Hastings, just a few hundred metres from the town centre and right next door to Hastings train station.
The fifth floor is dedicated to our higher education students and offers you brand new lecture rooms and flexible seminar rooms to study business, health and social care, and teaching theory. We have a brand new darkroom and art studios for you to explore your creative talents, and the perfect space to relax and socialise in a dedicated common room. Our National Student Union office is also located at the back of the common room, where you can get involved and enrich your student experience by getting involved with organising student activities and societies.
In the rest of the campus you’ll have access to the latest IT equipment and library of literature in our Learning Resource Centre, we offer discounted gym membership in our fully-equipped gym, we have discounted hot drinks in our Coast Coffee shop, there is a Subway franchise, a fine dining restaurant, childcare facilities in our jigsaw nursery, and a commercial hair & beauty salon offering a range of treatments.   

Ore Valley Campus
Ore Valley is less than a mile from Station Plaza and is home to our Engineering and Computing courses.
We have a newly fitted Electrical and Electronics Lab, complete with a CAD studio featuring CAD, CAM and FEA software and technology. You may also make use of our realistic working environments, workshops and equipment to practise material testing, turning and welding.

The latest computing equipment and digital technology will give you the opportunity to design, implement, and test computer programmes, as well as a dedicated common room and comfortable spaces for independent study to complete tasks and assignments.

There is also a whole range of literature in our Learning Resource Centre, and an onsite coffee shop and canteen.
We are continually investing in our campus facilities so that you have everything you need to maximise your talents.

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